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Our “Peel Purpose” is to strip back the layers of processing confusion and provide a personable experience to all businesses. We believe merchants deserve the option of partnering with a company that truly understands their business, and more importantly is completely transparent. We operate on the principle of being viewed as a trusted advisor to every business that has growth as its top priority.

“Credit card processing shouldn’t just be another expense to your business, it should be a vehicle used to grow revenues by increasing repeat customers, raising average tickets, and streamlining cash flows. If your payment provider isn’t helping you grow your business, you’ve come to the right place, welcome to Peel Payments.”
- Quote by Co-Founder/CEO Mark Raftery


We are a team of payment professionals that live and breathe optimal business solutions. We’ve experienced and learned all the things that are frustrating to businesses and have made it our mission to help. We are not perfect, but strive to provide a level of excellence that should become the industry standard. Working at Peel Payments is not our job, it’s our passion!


We are adamant about building lifelong relationships. We tell it like it is and provide you with the “real deal” of how you can grow your business. Our consultants don’t have quotas and aren’t forced to sell you something simply because it looks good on paper. We exist solely to provide small business owners the freedom to partner with someone who cares about the success of your business as much as you. 


We’re business owners just like you. We are personable, flexible, and want to hear both the good and the bad from you. At Peel Payments, we will tell you what nobody else does, not just what we think you want to hear! Learn why our teammates love working with Peel, and equally important… why other businesses chose Peel as their long term payments provider.




    One thing to keep in mind when analyzing your statement is that the rate you pay is not always a true indicator of your overall costs. Everyone promises lower rates, Peel wants to grow your revenues!

    Our position is to provide multiple options based on YOUR business model. We’ll make sure you have the best solution to fit YOUR needs instead of changing your needs to fit a product.

    We are neutral with regards to terminals. If you want it, we can get it! We will however, recommend what our experience suggests are the best solutions to grow your business.


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There are three parties involved in every credit/debit card transaction: the processor (Peel Payments), the Issuing Bank (whoever provided the credit/debit card – Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, XYZ Credit Union, etc), and the Association (Visa, MasterCard, etc). The interchange fees go to the issuing bank, the access and association fees go to the Associations, and the processor gets the small percentage left over.
Rewards cards have a higher interchange fee than a standard consumer credit card. These fees are paid to the Issuing Bank by the merchant. There isn’t much a business owner can do to mitigate this except to build it in as part of the price to do business.
Just like with any business, acquiring costs may fluctuate twice a year. The Associations look at interchange rates annually in April and October. There are many factors included in a rate, including the risk to process that card, does it offer a rewards program, the chargeback liability, payment default percentage, etc. When this happens, some processing companies take this as an opportunity to increase “their fees” as well. At Peel Payments, our clients are the most important asset, we will not add a marked up percentage when passing thru an increase imposed by the Association or Issuing Bank. You can take that to the bank!
On October 1, 2015, merchants processing face-to-face transactions need to have the ability to process EMV transactions on an “EMV certified” solution. This will reduce the liability a merchant has on fraudulent transactions. Make sure when upgrading to a new piece of hardware, you confirm that the solution is EMV CERTIFIED and not just EMV ready. There is a large misconception in the market today on how this will impact your business. Ask the question…
There are three simple answers to this question. First, Apple Pay is a very quick transaction. If you want to decrease the wait times in your lines, offer Apple Pay as a payment option. Second, Apple Pay reduces the likelihood of a chargeback, similar to a pin-debit transaction. Most theft on an Apple Pay transaction comes when a card is loaded to a phone and not at the point-of-sale. Third, gain a competitive advantage over your competitors who have not caught up with the times.
This all depends on your average ticket and the breakdown of regulated verse non-regulated debit cards you process in a given month. It’s very important that your payment advisor does his or her due diligence in understanding your card breakdowns prior to offering you a “pin-debit rate” or telling you that accepting pin-debit will lower your credit card fees. This is why you should not consider a universal rate program because it doesn’t take the specifics of your business into consideration. Ask for the breakdown.
There is no safeguard for a chargeback, but there are things you can to do reduce the likelihood of it happening to you. First, always make sure the name on the card matches the customers ID. Second, make sure you have a return policy/sales policy visible at the place of purchase and on the receipt or invoice. Third, respond quickly to chargeback inquiries with all the supporting documentation. Fourth, make sure you get a signature on the sales receipt (unless it’s under the Association limit). Pin-debit transactions are not subject to a chargeback.
Rates fluctuate because there are different costs associated with each card type. Therefore, unless you have the same customers come in your store every month and use the same credit/debit card for purchase of goods, for the same amount, your rates will fluctuate. However, your effective rate (total fees divided by total processing volume) should have a low variance month-after-month. If you see a spike one way or another, you should call your provider and ask why, or just call Peel.
No. Just as there is the possibility of price increase twice a year, there are also price reductions. The impact of these increases/savings many times depends on your average ticket and how you process transactions. There are best practices you can implement to help mitigate your processing costs. For instance, if an employee swipes a card and it doesn’t read the card the first time thru, did you know that you pay a higher cost on that transaction? Train your employees and educate them on how this impacts your business. Call Peel for other ways to process your credit cards more efficiently.
While this used to be the case, it’s not necessarily true anymore. American Express transactions can rival the cost of most rewards cards you process. You should also receive all four of the major card brands on one statement and in one deposit to your financial institution. If this isn’t the case, call Peel.

Disclaimer: This information is the opinion of Peel Payments. If you have other questions, please submit below and we will respond quickly. For more updates, check the Peel blog on a bi-weekly basis. We will continue to provide you with updated information to educate you around your payment needs.


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Meet the Peel Payments Team

Mark Raftery

Mark Raftery

CEO View Details
Lance Mitchell

Lance Mitchell

President View Details
Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols

Leader Concierge Support View Details
Mark Raftery

Mark Raftery


Mark Raftery is CEO of Peel Payments and resides out of the Oklahoma City area with his wife and son. Mark served in a leadership role for seven out of his ten years at First Data Corporation, where he led top-producing sales team/regions across the country year-after-year.

Mark truly understands the challenges of being a small business owner from his two and a half years of owning a convenient store. Because of this experience, he’s passionate about providing a payments offering to business owners that offers transparency, growth, and simplicity. He is a graduate of William Woods University where he earned his Bachelors of Science and of Oklahoma Christian College where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration.

Mark’s primary focus is to ensure Peel clients are treated as the number one asset of the business by ensuring they understand payments and what offerings can help them grow their business.

Lance Mitchell

Lance Mitchell


Lance Mitchell is President of Peel Payments and resides out of the Kansas City area with his wife and three children. In his previous role, Lance was the senior vice president at First Data Corporation, where he had sales leadership responsibility for the SE region. As SVP at First Data, he had revenue responsibility for multiple sales team that were aligned with several large financial institutions across the country.

Lance brings over fifteen years of sales and leadership experience to Peel. He is well known in the industry for being a passionate sales leader willing to do whatever it takes to create an atmosphere of energy.

He is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Business Administration.

Lance’s primary focus is to acquire new client relationships for Peel.

Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols

Leader Concierge Support

Bio Information coming soon!

    Whether a financial institution,
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    We know what inspires top performers and it’s our mission to give you a platform where you can dominate. We will “peel” away the frustrations of merchant sales by providing you with the decision making power to run your business as you deem fit. Our offering is lucrative and will enable you to build a foundation of success for years to come.

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